The Willows

Through The Wild

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Through The Wild

1. Coda

2. Better Days

3. True Lover Ferry

4. Perfect Crime/Ernest Durham

5. Honest Man

6. Pearl Heart

7. Out of Our Hands

8. False Light

9. Gogmagog

10. Dear Lily


***** 5 STARS *****

Providing a fresh spin on folkwith brilliont results A quirky and fresh interpretation to country folk defines 'Through the Wild'byThe Willows, who continue to deliver richly layered music with their own distinctive style. Pitch-perfect harmonies, haunting melodies and elegant imagery is scattered throughout this album with influences from both America and English folk music - creating a very successful combination. From beginning to end, listeners are taken on a journey, starting with Coda - a folk-rocker that delivers rich melodies and passionate lyrics on the passing of time, only to end with Deor Lily - a poignant story of love and loss, revealing the purest understanding of human emotion.

The band provides a full tapestry of country folk music that goes hand-in-hand with Jade Rhiannont delicate, husky vocals that wind through the music like a graceful echo. They work as one entity, which makes their overall sound seem effortless. The title of the album could not be more fitting as the images and overall tone wants to bring listeners back to the natural world - to be immersed in a rich, green landscape and essentially go back to the country.

The Willows are bewitching in their newest album, producing a whimsically rustic sound to their already adored collection.

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