The Willows

EP review by FATEA

"Cambridge based quintet, The Willows, appear to be creating a bit of a stir having already supported Lau and Uiscedwr. I keep feeling the sort of tingle I got when I first came across Fairground Attraction. They've got a really lush sound, rich, but still giving clear space to the individual instruments, something they carry on into the vocals, delicate harmonies and strong solos, one to watch."

Mike Harding, Mike Harding Folk Show

"That band just get better and better in my humble opinion. That was The Maid of Culmore from the EP Bella. Fabulous, fabulous music."

Neil McFadyen, Folk Radio UK

"There’s a skill to getting a début album just right. Overdo it on the wacky or individualist side and you’re pigeon-holed before the CD even hits the shops. On the other hand, play it too safe and your opening shot is lost in the land of beige. The Willows, however, have a salient lesson for the newbies out there. Their début album, Beneath Our Humble Soil, is neither wacky nor bland but is, rather, a fine collection of songs that reach out to a wide audience."